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The Best Time To Post On Instagram (Where to Find + How to Utilise)

Sorry to tell you, but Googling 'best times to post on Instagram' isn't going to work. 

Instagram have custom analytics that tells you the best days and times to post daily based on when your audience is online. 

Use this step-by-step guide to find out how you can utilise these analytics.

  1. Before you can find the best times to post, you need to make sure you are set up as a business or creator account. There are many benefits to having a business account which you can read below.

  2. Head on over to your profile and click on your professional dashboard.

  3. Under insights, click on your total followers.

  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the most active times.

  5. Here you can choose either hours or days, which by clicking on the bar chart will show you the exact number of followers that are online at those times.

Utilise these analytics by creating a custom day-by-day schedule posting at the hours where your audience appears most and watch an improvement to your analytics.

Tips for posting on Instagram 

Why should I have a business Instagram account?

Instagram provide you with in-depth free insights to help you understand who is engaging with your business and your account. You are able to display your business category and contact information making it easier for customers to see who you are and how they can contact you.

You also will have access to educational information curated by Instagram which gives you tips, tricks and trends especially tailored for businesses. 

Consider your competitors' posting schedule

Although it's best practice to utilise your own analytics, chances are your competitors will have a very similar audience and are utilising their own posting analytics. Watch the competition, compare it with your own posting times and adjust accordingly.

Post consistently

Don't just try this for a week. To see real results you need to post consistently and continue to try and test. Analytics will adjust so make sure you're checking and adjusting your schedule regularly. 

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