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Social Media Trends For 2024: 6 Predictions From Industry Experts

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As 2023 comes to a close, and we begin 2024, we start to look at where social media could go this year. 

From the popularity and growth of BeReal and the significant growth of AI content, we’ve had a whirlwind of a year. 

What’s to come in 2024? We teamed up with social media leaders to bring our thoughts on what’s to come this year and we didn’t disappoint.

Enjoy a breakdown of the biggest social media trends to look out for in 2024 as told by industry experts.

Continued Distrust in Instagram Influencers Will See More Brands Investing in Creators on TikTok 

We’ve seen TikTok boom and as the Instagram algorithm continues to limit user reach and engagement, we’re seeing a shift of creators move over to TikTok and YouTube instead. Tom Bourtlet, Head of Marketing at FizzBox says “Instagram influencers aren't trusted like they once were. People have seen too many posts of a reality star holding a teeth whitening kit, a protein shake or a big water bottle. Having said that, YouTube influencers are still managing to succeed with influencer partnerships, largely because they're predominantly opting for brands/products that connect to their content. They're also offering quality in the video along with a short plug, unlike the Instagram posts which are purely commercial. Trust on TikTok channels is also very high currently, to the point that trending products don't just perform very well on the platform, but they often make it into national publications, meaning an influencer campaign can have larger PR benefits as well.”

Informational and Educational Content Will Be King 

Users are expecting more from content. Aesthetic isn’t enough. This means you’ve got to have something to say and become an expert in your field, whether it be fashion, food, branding or tech. 

“As we become more aware of the content we consume and how it impacts our well-being, we're becoming more values-focused.” (Eden Heath, Marketing Lead at WAC)

You need to ensure that your strategy is incorporating a combination of educational, inspirational and promotional content to build a strong platform. But be cautious. Competition is getting stronger. Eden recommends “Ensure your social media strategy aligns with your core values, and at every opportunity ask yourself what the audience is getting out of your content. With over 16,000 TikToks uploaded every minute, it's imperative you're benefiting your audience by adding value to their life and not creating content for mindless consumption.”

SEO On Social Media Will Be Essential 

We've begun to see social media algorithms shift to SEO and we can expect more platforms to create updates that shift the algorithms to this as well.

Platforms such as TikTok have put a focus on scanning the text with videos created within the platform, video captions and hashtags. Any keywords used within these areas will push videos to users who search or engage with this type of content.

BeReal Will Face Stronger Competition 

We've already seen new emerging platforms this year, so it is unlikely we will see something brand-new. Still, Chris Oatway, Marketing Consultant at Mattress Tek says "There will probably be a new app like BeReal trying to break into the market but, like Threads, there’ll be hype but its popularity and longevity will depend on its array of functions and how fun it can be to stay on the app."

Despite AI Growth, You Need To Be Authentic

“With the onset of AI, there’s a growing emphasis on authenticity, emphasizing genuine and relatable content over polished, overly produced material.” (Varshini Rajasekhar, Freelance Content Strategist & Social Media Manager) 

AI has gone from 0 to 100 in 2023 and this is only expected to grow in 2024. But that doesn’t mean people are continuing to trust it. This means despite its growth, authenticity is going to be key in 2024. 

X’s Continued Downfall Will Leave Room For a Replacement

It’s no surprise to anyone since Elon’s takeover, X is on the brink of disappearing. We’ve seen brand giants disappearing from the platform, and its popularity is declining. Nicholas Comaratta at Momentum Communications Group predicts X’s downfall leaves room for a platform to replace them, predicting that "Everyone will be discussing the Twitter/X meltdown and what that means for social in 2024. Will rival platforms like Threads come to the fore to fill the void left by everyone's previous favorite microblogging platform? That's something to watch, but only if Twitter is your bread and butter. In 2024 we are encouraging our clients to own the platforms that work for them, and stop wasting time on the platforms that aren't providing tangible ROI. Pouring time and resources into the platforms that speak directly to your target audience should be your focus. How you perfect your content and voice on your top-performing platform will ultimately define your success in social media in 2024.”

With special thanks to our guests:

  • Nicholas Comaratta, Senior Account Executive at Momentum Communications Group

  • Chris Oatway, Marketing Consultant at MattressTek

  • Tom Bourlet, Head of Marketing at Fizzbox 

  • Varshini Rajasekhar, Freelance Content Strategist & Social Media Manager 

  • Eden Heath, Marketing Lead at WAC

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