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Starting A Podcast: A Step-By-Step Guide

With over 850,000 active podcasts in the world right now, with a 300,000 increase since 2018 (according to Apple at WWDC) now more than ever is the time to start a podcast. 

But what actually does it take to make a podcast? and where the hell do you start? Today’s post discusses why your business should start a podcast right now!


The term podcasting is thought to of come from a mix of iPod and broadcasting and was first suggested by a BBC journalist named Ben Hammersley. To put it simply, podcasting is the form of recording audio episodes and making them available to listen to online. Podcasts are most popular to listen to via smartphone and are the number one platform for podcast consumption, which is no surprise due to the rapid decline in PC and tablet usage. 


Unknown to most, podcasts can actually be monetised by selling ad time in between the episodes.


Podcasts are also a great way of tapping into a younger audience, with 18-44-year-olds making up 67% of the podcast audience, so if you’re looking for ways to target that Gen Z / Millennial consumer base, a podcast is a great place to go. Before starting a podcast, you need to gain a deeper understanding of the type of audience that listens to podcasts. Below are a few facts (taken from to help gain a deeper understanding of the podcast-listening audience. 

  • 80% of listeners will listen to most of if not all of a singular episode, making the listeners valuable. 

  • Podcast listeners are much more active on social media with 94% active on at least one social platform

  • Podcast listeners are also much more likely to follow companies and brands on social media

If you are looking to delve into the podcast world, there are a few tips you should follow.


Define Your Niche

Firstly define your genre and commit to it. For inspiration, the top 5 most popular podcasting genres include; society and culture, business, comedy, news and politics and health.

Choose a Title That Will Get You Noticed

Choose a title that will get you noticed. The title of your podcast is the first thing people will see, so this needs to be creative and interesting enough to get people listening.

Utilise the Right Keywords To Emphasise Your Description

Write a description which tells listeners a little bit about your show. Play around with keywords and phrases that will relate to your target audience.

Don’t Scrimp On The Artwork

Create some artwork (or pay someone to get some created). This should be eye-catching and in square format. Take inspiration from other podcasts, there are so many out there!

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Gather the right equipment and test your software. You don’t need to spend masses of money on this. The main equipment you will need is a decent microphone and something to record into. Apple products come with Garage Band, which is great for editing audio files.

Get Going!

Finally what’s left to do is record, edit and publish. Sign up to a host and publish your podcast through this, you can then submit your podcast to the likes of Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. Audio as a medium is ever-growing, with most recently Twitter announcing the release of their audio Tweets and podcasts will only continue to become more popular.

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