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Land Your First Internship With No Experience

Internships can be a vital step into your dream career. There’s little guidance out there for those trying to get their foot in the door.

You can land your dream internship with some of the biggest brands, using these tips.


Use social media to your benefit and utilise the features of LinkedIn.LinkedIn is an essential place for networking in most industries but it can be particularly great for marketing roles as there are many marketing professionals on the platform. By creating a strong LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn will suggest to you job roles based off of your profile, interests and previous experience. You can also search for jobs by title, skill, company and location.

Here’s how to make your profile stand out:


You have a few short seconds to grab a potential employer's attention. You need a compelling profile picture, banner and title to be considered.

We recommend that students put what they’re studying in your title. For example, Marketing Student, Marketing Graduate. You can also add “seeking opportunities” which will let hiring managers know you’re available to work.


This should be a quickfire summary of who you are and what you do. You don’t need to go overboard with detail as this will be displayed throughout the rest of your profile.Think of this section as an elevator pitch. What do you want the people looking at your profile to know in 30 seconds or less.


Here is a great place to display any documents that help you stand out. You should display any certifications or additional qualifications as well as your CV and Portfolio of personal work if relevant. 


Not relevant to everyone but if you have any experience at all, could be part-time or volunteer work, then include it here.


Pretty self-explanatory but include any relevant education, whether that be present or completed. There is also an option to include any activities or societies you were a part of during your time in education, so include these if relevant.


LinkedIn often matches jobs to you based off of the skills you have included. If you have seen a role that is requesting a certain skill, for example, ‘content creation’, as long as you can confidently say you are skilled in this then add it. Go wild and add as many skills as possible. Treat them as keywords for yourself. People can also endorse you for the skills you have listed, which is essentially giving your skills credibility and can make your profile a lot stronger.


Under interests, you will find companies and schools you follow, as well as groups you are a part of. If there is a company you love and are looking to apply for, then make sure you are following them and follow similar companies and competitors too.


Marketing is an incredibly creative, over-saturated industry. A simple Word document with your experience won’t cut it. There are a few ways you can design your CV to make it stand out. 

Use your own personal branding: Display yourself as if you were a brand. Give yourself colours and fonts that are your favourite and design your CV in a way that expresses you.

Alternatively, you can tailor your CV design to the brand you are applying for: This can be a super creative way to get your CV noticed and can show your dedication to the company. You can do this in multiple ways such as using the company’s website for inspiration and using the brand's fonts and colours.


Your cover letter needs to be well written but you also need to get across that you have a genuine passion for the role you are applying for. Steal our cover letter template:

Dear name if available/ Sir/ Madame, I hope you are well. I am a 2nd Year course Student studying at university.  I have heard a lot about your company and would love to work there in the position of role advertised intern. I admire the companies fill in the blank and fill in the blank and feel like the company and the role suits my personality and experience perfectly. Sector you are applying for is an aspect of the industry I am really interested in and believe I would be a great addition to the team. My university course has helped me develop skills I think would be relevant to your company, such as; include skills. Additionally, I have also developed a list of further skills. I also have computing skills including list computing skills.I have attached my CV and cover letter for consideration.I hope you will find my skills and experience suitable for this job role. I believe my wide knowledge of the industry and skills can contribute to this role. Any skills I lack, I am willing to learn.Additionally, my experience includes list any further experience. So far, I have developed skills in list skills you have learnt. I hope you find my skills beneficial to your company and any feedback would be much appreciated.Hope to hear from you soon. Yours Sincerely,*Name*


Go one step further and do something to prove how much of an asset to the company you can be. For example, if you are applying for a role that is social media-based, create a social media strategy you would implement if you were in the role and attach this to your application. Doing something extra can also help you stand out from everyone else.

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