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Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns [With Examples]

Advertising through one of the most difficult and strangest periods we’ve had to face wasn’t easy. Some brands really reacted quickly and got it so right. Finding the perfect balance between not taking advantage of the situation but at the same time not being too afraid to talk about it.

These are the brands that nailed advertising with inspiring Covid-19 marketing campaigns.


KFC went from ‘It’s finger-licking good’ to ‘It’s good’. For a brand to take its well-known slogan and adapt it accordingly is incredible.


The ad was based on the normalisation of social distancing in bars. The creative itself showed people washing their hands, touching elbows, wearing masks, lack of seating to abide by the two-metre distancing. It didn’t ignore the fact that COVID-19 is happening which a lot of advertisers did do. The ad itself is light-hearted, in the sense that it’s taken the technical scary aspect of the rules and made them normal, which they are. Cleverly, this ad plays on the aspect of the want for normality and socialisation whilst staying current.


McDonald’s re-opened with the classic ‘Return of the Mac’. They officially re-opened all stores in July after testing drive-thrus throughout May in certain locations. Back in March McDonalds Tweeted; ‘I wonder what song you think we should reopen with 🤔’ many of the responses were ‘Return of the Mac’. And that’s exactly what they did.

McDonald’s is so established and well known, there was already a large amount of hype around the fast-food chain returning. The ad itself is a clever play on their name, as well as one of their most popular burgers the ‘Big Mac’. The ad shows the sheer excitement of their Mcdonald's order arriving. Overall it is simple, but pairing the song with the brand will always remain iconic.


Contrary to the brand’s message, Uber used their advertising throughout the pandemic to encourage people not to use their services so that people that really need them can use them.

This was interesting because although it’s advising people to stay away from the service, it shines Uber in a really positive light. The ad is heartfelt and shows people connecting throughout the lockdown through technology and through windows. Overall, the ad reflects the brand really well. Sometimes advertising doesn’t necessarily have to be about the product you are selling but can instead be about the morals your brand portrays and developing your brand awareness.

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