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5 Social Media Platforms To Prioritise in 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

According to, worldwide social media consumption as of March 2020, is up over 40%.

With such social consumption, brands must stay relevant online. But amongst the noise, what platforms should you be using? and how? Today’s post discusses the best social media platforms for your brand to use during a more advanced digital age.


With the increase in social usage, particularly in those under 35’s (+44%) and an improved spending efficiency across Facebook’s advertising, it’d be foolish not to advertise right now. Buying is a lot less competitive right now, with spending on Facebook dropping by an estimated 62% in March 2020. 

The placement of your ads is also vital. Facebook’s messaging service has seen a usage increase of over 50%, so if there was any time to start advertising on Facebook, the time would be now.


As it stands, Instagram has over 1 billion active users a month and over 500 million on Instagram Stories. Instagram is the perfect place for visually showcasing your values, with one-third of the most viewed stories from businesses, meaning it’s vital to represent as a brand. 

If you are going to support causes as a brand, ensure you are actively working as a company to make a change. 


We already know you can get information from Twitter quicker than any news outlet worldwide. Twitter is also the go-to place for instant opinions. 

Similarly to Instagram, you can use Twitter to speak to your audience about what you support and now more than ever it is important. 

A great example of this is, recently PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea have voiced their support for the Black Lives Matter movement after receiving boycott threats. This began when Yorkshire Tea received a tweet, praising them for their silence on the movement. The brand responded that its lack of comments so far was due to the brand educating itself. 


Whilst we are all stuck at home, people are trying to fill their time on making home improvements, with reports of a 7% increase in spending in the UK alone on consumer electronics, household appliances and furniture (

As people DIY through the global crisis, Pinterest is releasing data to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ current mindset ( Search data reveals that “desk renovation ideas” are up 97% and “outdoor pallet coffee table” has increased by almost 450%. Within the first 21 days of lockdown searches for “home office” were up 150%.


Similarly, reports that website traffic on furniture and home decor e-commerce websites is up worldwide by 7% between January and March 2020, totalling approximately 1.7 billion visits.

This is great news for brands, especially those sitting within the household appliances and furniture sector. With the potential to advertise to over 320 million active users, Pinterest is one of the go-to places for advertising.


If you haven’t already heard of Tik Tok, where have you been? According to, the app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on the Apple Store and Google Play. The app has also surpassed 800 million active users. 

If like most marketers, you are looking to target Generation Z, Tik Tok is the go-to platform, with 60% of users being from Gen Z.

If you need more reasons to get your brand on Tik Tok, Influencer Marketing Hub reports that the average engagement rate is higher than Instagram and Twitter combined, with users gaining an average engagement rate of over 52% and 63% of engaged users have followed users and liked a post in the past month.


So the conclusion? Don’t sit back and don’t stay silent. With improved efficiency across advertising platforms and the sudden change in consumer behaviour leading to more brand opportunities, now is the time to gain brand awareness across social. 


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